Demo video of GestureWay for teaching English - Week 10.

Gestureway video demo of story-telling

The advantages of giving more exposure to present tense aspects.

This video was a homework revision session for ten-year olds of the story offered in class. It is in story form and delivered in the present simple tense. Present simple tense teaching in most textbook approaches is limited to talking about generalities, facts and frequency. However, this tense aspect is naturally used in story-telling. Choosing stories as material for the English language classroom means the teacher can offer students far more exposure to the under-practised present simple before turning perhaps too quickly to past tense forms. Present simple and the accompanying present continuous contain all the structures necessary for past tense use and perfect aspect use in English: negatives and questions with or without auxiliary "do"; contracted forms "don't/doesn't/haven't/hasn't"; auxiliary subject inversion in questions; use of infinitive form after auxiliary "do/does"; verb "to be" and "ing" forms of the verb. Past tense (and to some extent perfect aspects) simply require a substitution of words (eg. "did" for "do"). As most of the present forms of the verb are the same as the infinitive in present simple (eg. "I go", "Does he go") in theory, it should be easier if students spend more time attempting to acquire those complex but essential structures in the English language with the present than with the past tense.

GestureWay as a tool - not a method.

The above observations are, of course, related to an approach I have personally adopted. Using gesture in the classroom allows me to give this added exposure to English through the present tense aspects. But GestureWay isn't a method but a tool. Teachers uses the tool in the way that best suits the methodology they believe in. A teacher would choose to use gestures in the classroom if they felt that students benefit from accelerated input of oral language. Exactly how they implement this tool in their own classroom is a personal choice.

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