Demo video of GestureWay for teaching English - Week 1.

Gestureway curso inglés lección 1 

The nature of the gestures.

This is one of a series of ten videos used for weekend homework revision after GestureWay classes. The course was given to a class of nineteen 10-year-olds. These videos were installed on my English Spanish Link website. You can see the complete set of ten videos there. Without having previously been introduced to the gestures in the class, following these videos to understand the gestures might be difficult. However, I have included two of them here to give some idea of how the Silent Sign (SS) technique is used and to give some insight into the nature of the gestures. Note, for example, that gestures are related semantically and are not stand alone icons. This feature of semantic relationship between gestures has meant that students can often guess the meaning of a new gesture from knowledge of previous ones. It also means learning new gestures is relatively easy. During recall, students may not remember the spoken word but will be able recognize or even perform the gesture. As gestures represent meaning, they serve as stepping stones to eventual acquisition of spoken words.

Gesture lesson structure.

Notice how the first part of the video is the introduction of the gestures and the second part repeats the text with Silent Sign (gestures with no voice for the students to say the words in chorus in English). In the classroom during the introduction of a story, it is important not to introduce so many new words for each text as done here - reducing input that is new to students to under ten items. This was one of the first texts used in a GestureWay course given recently. The input concentrates on "there is/are"; "this/that" and prepositions of place. However, salience of these structures is brought about only by their frequency of occurrence in the text. The structures are not isolated from the rest of the sentence such as happens in word-list teaching or written gap-fill exercises. Holistic full-sentence practice of English is made much easier by using the GestureWay tool in the English language classroom.

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